Phase Three of the Fencing Project has ended.  Working on a few call-backs.  August 2018.


Southland Fence and Supply Co. announced on November 27, 2017, that they have commenced Phase Three of the Windsor Lakes Fencing Project.  This phase  of the project includes all “attached” single family homes known as townhomes.  The owners involved will be receiving a letter from Southland Fence & Supply Company.  Please click here in blue to see the content of the letter:  Flyer To Home Owners PDF Nov 27 2017 Fence Project From Ritter Jim Nov 27 2017

You may print a copy of this letter.


Phase Two of the Fence Project Was Completed in Early 2017.

  1. The Board completed Phase Two of the Fence Project in early 2017 for the remaining single family “unattached” homes.
  2. Wood fences replaced by iron fencing must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. Request forms may be picked up at the front desk in the clubhouse or printed from the Windsor Lakes Website.