Library & Book Clubs

The Next Meeting of the Book Club is Friday, July 19, at Noon, in the Arts & Crafts Room at the Clubhouse.  

We will meet again on Friday August 16, September 20, October 18, and November 15.  No December meeting due to the holidays.

At the November meeting, we will gather members suggestions for our book readings during 2020.

Our Fall 2019 Library work session will be announced shortly.  Typically held in mid-October.

Clubhouse Fall Book Sale will be at the end of October 2019.  Dates will be decided in the near future.


There are approximately 600 hardbacks.  We shelve hardback books published since year 2002.  We have a shelf of New Releases, Years 2017-2019.  There is also a shelf of “New Additions” and “New Arrivals” recently donated by residents, but may not be years 2017-2019.

There are almost 250 “small size” paperbacks on revolving shelves and above the puzzles on wooden shelves.  We shelved paper back books 2010 and later.

Plus, there are 175 “oversized” paperbacks above the personal computers.  We shelve paperback books published since 2010.  We shelve oversized paper back books 2010 and later.

There are about 180 Movie DVDs on the revolving shelves.

There are some 40 Audio Cassette Books located on the revolving shelves.

We have about 30 Puzzles...mostly 300 pieces and 500 pieces, and several 750 to 1000+ pieces.

We have a basket for donated 2019 Magazines.

We ask you to please use the Sign Out Binder located beneath the puzzles for Hardback books, Movie DVDs & Audios Cassettes, and New Releases.  No sign out needed for paperbacks.  Please return when you finish to the baskets/bins outside the library.

We are seeking donations of Large PRINT Size books which we mark using a green dot on book spine–we have only a few.  We are seeking donations of  “classic” books, books on genealogy & genealogy-research, and Texas history. 

Thank you for your donations.  Many books have been donated by residents over the past  year.

Books which are removed from our shelves due to limited spacing are sold at the Clubhouse Book Sales for a token amount.  Remaining unsold books and magazines have been donated to Something Special, the VA Hospital in Conroe, the Assistance League, and to Friends of the Montgomery County Library in Conroe.

Updated:  July 19, 2019.