Dog Found (May 13, 2019), Monday E-Blast

A white dog, possibly a Lab., was spotted at the entrance gate on the boulevard side. It is unknown if it was hurt. If anyone is missing a dog, please share this information with them. Sincerely, Windsor Lakes HOA


Missing Pet (February 5, 2019) 

Moxie” our 2-year-old black/brown Tabby has gone missing from East Kentwick Place. He is chipped. If you have any information, please contact Nancy & Ernest Kendall 832-444-2631.


”We love dogs but be considerate of others, and pick up the “poo” from public areas (including the sidewalks) as well as your backyard if it is mowed by Rusticscapes.  Also, remember pets must be on a leash while being walked.”

Some residents help neighbors in special circumstances involving pets.  The Clubhouse staff has been given the following names of residents who are willing to “pet sit” for neighbors: Darlene Brower (cats & dogs) 832-247-2392; Toy Brownell 936-271-9250 if you are going away for a day; Barbara Cote (cats) 936-273-3985; Handan Sprinkle (cats) 936-279-5079.  For longer terms or vacation care, there are a number of pet-sitting companies in The Woodlands area.