Roads & Traffic & Bicycles

  1. Speed limit on roads in Windsor Lakes does not exceed 25 miles per hour.

  2. Please watch for walkers and bicyclists when exiting your driveway.

  3. There is no overnight parking on the streets of Windsor Lakes.

  4. DARLINGHURST GATE:  It has been brought to our attention that vehicles are leaving Windsor Lakes by exiting through the entrance gate (using left hand side instead of the right hand side) on Darlinghurst.  This is a huge safety concern for those trying to enter Windsor Lakes via Windsor Lakes Blvd. If you are leaving Windsor Lakes, please use the exit gate (right hand side) only. By doing this it will prevent potential accidents. (January 9, 2018).

5.  BIKE PARKING AT CLUBHOUSE.   We ask you to please not park bikes, scooters, etc., in     front  of the Handicap Access Button as it makes it harder for our neighbors in walkers, wheelchairs, etc., to have easy access to entering the clubhouse.  (February 1, 2018).

6.  Speed Limit on Windsor Lakes Blvd.  Please be aware that the speed limit going north on Windsor Lakes Blvd is 25 mph until you see the 35-mph sign. Going south the speed limit is 35 all the way.

7.  There will be a new Stop Sign posted soon in Front of the Clubhouse…departure lane.