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  1.  INFORMATION SHEET.  Details Windsor Lakes Contract With Rusticscapes.  Click on file below shown in red. Windsor Lakes Contract with RusticScapes Posted January 25 2019

2FRONT YARD SERVICES.  Contact Luis Hiracheta, Operations Manager Rusticscapes in  Windsor Lakes, 832-795-4350. Luis has worked in Windsor Lakes for the last six years and was a key man working with Mark Kinney. He is here on-the-ground everyday.

3. BACK YARD SERVICES. The Windsor Lakes HOA association does not provide backyard services as a part of your monthly fees, and homeowners are free to choose any service provider, or to do it themselves. Many have chosen to use our contractor, Rusticscapes, for backyard service.  FOR RUSTICSCAPES BACK YARD SERVICE REQUESTS, ESTIMATES, PROBLEMS, CONTACT WINDSOR LAKES OPERATIONS MANAGER LUIS HIRACHETA “direct.” Email: or Phone 832- 530-5950.

3.  GUTTERS.  We do not go into the back-side yard–that is  behind your side fencing to clean gutters unless we maintain your backyard.

Dated: January 25, 2019.