What HOA Fees Cover

Windsor Lakes Homeowners Association Monthly Fee Includes…

Landscape Maintenance Service – front and side yard, only up to front fence

  • Mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing of debris from front concrete areas.
  • Mowing weekly during growing season, bi-weekly during dormant season.
  • Lawn fertilization 4 times per year on front lawns and shrubs.
  • Trimming of bushes/shrubs annually.
  • Mulch will be installed yearly in each front yard.
  • Gutters will be cleaned three times per year.

    Sprinkler System Maintenance

  • Repair and replacement of sprinkler heads as needed, for builder installed systems. All repair work must receive prior approval through Sterling Association Services Inc.

    Fence Repair and Replacement

  • Fence and gate repair as needed, for builder or association installed fences and gates
  • Replacement of builder/association fences as needed, but no more frequently than every twelve years.
  • Not responsible for homeowner installed fences and gates.

    Exterior Painting of Your Home

  • Painting of the exterior of your home as needed, but no more frequently than every eight years.

    Door Refinishing

  • Front doors of your home will be refinished as needed, but no more frequently than every three years.

    Membership of Windsor Lodge

  • Two full memberships for each household for full access to all Windsor Lodge Clubhouse facilities and activities.
  • Some special activities will have added fees.

    Community Maintenance

  • Common areas landscaping and maintenance, lake maintenance, street and sidewalk maintenance, streetlights, storm drains, gates and access control systems maintenance.

ADDITIONAL TOWNHOME SERVICES, with additional fees applicable.

  • Insurance of structure. The Windsor Lakes Property Insurance Program provides “walls in” coverage, everything that is legally a part of the building, through Association contracted insurance program. Summary of coverages and Certificates of Insurances are available by request.
  • Roof repair and replacement. Requires prior approval through  Sterling Association  Service 
  • Siding repair or replacement. Requires prior approval through  Sterling Association Service 

2019 Rates: Single Family Home $194.00 – Townhomes $304.00

*The Windsor Lakes Homeowners Association Board of Directors has the right to alter services and fees in accordance with the Association’s By-Laws.

The additional $110 ($304 minus $194) for Townhomes covers structure insurance, roof maintenance, and roof reserve for roof replacement (which are not provided to the single family homes.)